Drinking fresh Kangen Water - Alkaline, Ionized Water

Kangen Water® has arrived! In May, 2016, co-owners Tammie Gruenke and Kevin Hogan (daughter/father) opened a Kangen Water® store, Invigorating Waters, along with associates, Tracy Allee and Brian Schwaller. Their mission is to inform, educate, and make Kangen Water® available to the general public as well as businesses or organizations that provide services related to health and wellness. Kangen Water® is alkaline ionized (electrically charged) hydrogen-rich water that is produced by a device that transforms ordinary tap water (or well water) by means of electrolysis.


This very special water with its health-enhancing properties is also found in nature. One region in particular, located in the Himalayas of northwest Pakistan is where the Hunza people live. They have been renowned for their excellent health and longevity for nearly a century, as they generally live past the age of 100 free of bone loss, tooth decay, and degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer. When asked for the secret to his people’s vibrant health, a Hunza king replied, “It’s the water.”

This claim is backed by sound scientific research initiated by Dr. Henri Coanda, a Romanian known mainly for his work in the fields of fluid dynamics and aeronautics with over 600 patents to his credit. Dr. Coanda spent six decades examining the Hunza people’s glacier-fed drinking water to identify its health-giving features. He observed that its surface tension was low, making the water “wetter” and highly absorbable, as well as a clustered crystalline structure similar to that of human body fluids. This latter characteristic was particularly important, since it meant that the water was already compatible with the body’s biological processes. In other words, it was truly “living water.”

As additional scientists joined Dr. Coanda’s research effort, they realized that the “living water” was found in other regions where people similarly enjoyed good health and long lives – the Andes Mountains, the Caucasus region of southwestern Asia, and the Shin-Chan region of China. They also pinpointed more of this water’s distinguishing characteristics, including an alkaline pH, an abundance of minerals, a high concentration of atomic hydrogen (the father of all the elements), and anti-oxidizing potential. The logical next step was to develop a way to re-create this water. With Michael Faraday’s invention of an electrolysis apparatus, ionization of water was possible.

Russian scientists began experimenting with electrolysis and the methods that emerged were adapted by Japanese researchers who were able to produce the first unit capable of simulating ionization by electrically “splitting” water molecules. The water was divided into acidic and alkaline water, filtered into separate chambers, and then closely studied by the scientists, who observed its remarkable resemblance to Hunza water in structure, chemical makeup and healthful attributes. Fast-forward to the late 1950’s, large commercial ionizers were manufactured in Japan, followed closely thereafter by smaller residential units. By the mid-1960’s, ionizers were used in Japanese hospitals and considered to be legitimate medical devices. It is estimated that, since then, over thirty million Japanese people have used water ionizers for the purpose of improving their health.



 Tammie Gruenke – I was introduced to the water by my friend Brian after being sick for over four (4) months. The summer of 2013 I made a huge mistake by mixing chemical cleaning products and I “burned” my lungs. I could barely breathe, had phlegm in my lungs, and was tired all the time. At my yearly check up (after three months of suffering), my doctor prescribed the first dose of antibiotics and she also noticed my thyroid gland was much enlarged. I have always been borderline for my thyroid being on the larger side, but this time she wanted to order tests to check for hypothyroidism. I told her I wanted to wait because I was getting married in less than a week and didn’t want to think about this and I didn’t want this on my health record (this occurred at a time when you could be turned away for pre-existing conditions). I did feel better after a week on antibiotics, but when I went on my honeymoon three (3) weeks later, all the troubles came back. I called my doctor and she prescribed a stronger antibiotic which did not help at all. I started to share my story with Brian and that I was ready to get the tests done on my thyroid. He advised me to go ahead and set up the appointment, but asked if I would first try the water before going. I figured… what do I have to lose at this point? So he got me started right away and brought over Kangen Water®, fresh every other day. Within a week I started feeling better, getting my energy back, and all the sinus issues were starting to dissipate. I ordered a machine after the one week trial! My machine arrived, via UPS, on Christmas Eve of 2013. I have been drinking the water ever since and all the sinus issues went away along with all the hypothyroid symptoms I was experiencing (tired, weight gain, brittle hair & nails, constantly cold, and feeling “out of it”). All I did was try the water.


Kevin Hogan – Encouraged by Tammie to begin drinking the water that she was willing to share, I began drinking it, but due to my out-of-town work schedule, drinking it fresh on a regular basis was difficult. That changed upon my retirement in August of 2014. With fresh Kangen Water® now more available, I too began to feel the life-changing effects it provided and decided to invest in my own machine in the spring of 2015. Within several months, with improved energy and vigor, thoughts of un-retiring and opening a retail store to make this amazing water readily available to the public began to fill my head. For months, Tammie and I contemplated a business plan. That plan finally came together in January of 2016 with the promise of a remodeled storefront at 1084 Fond du Lac Avenue in Sheboygan Falls. By the middle of May, 2016 the remodel was completed and the doors of Invigorating Waters were officially open for business, and like missionaries, we were eager to spread the word about Kangen Water®.


Brian Schwaller – I was made aware of Kangen Water® by a friend that I bicycle raced with. After trying the water, I found that it gave me better hydration and quicker recovery times. Ultimately, it was helping me be a faster bike racer so I decided to purchase the SD501 Kangen Water® Ionizer. About a year after I had my Kangen Water Ionizer I met a few people that were suffering with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. Like many people suffering from illness, they were taking medications that had bad side effects and did little to actually help them. They were regularly at the doctor’s office and were paying lots of money for treatment with little results. I introduced them to Kangen Water® and it really seemed to help them. It was a great feeling to be able to help people feel better. Since then I’ve been promoting Kangen Water® to people that want to live a healthier life.


Tracy Allee – I was introduced to Kangen Water® by my friend Tammie in 2014 after I was informed by my doctor that I had high blood pressure and he wanted to prescribe medication. I was about 6 months pregnant at the time. Being a concerned friend, Tammie shared Kangen Water® with me and after being on the water for about four weeks, my blood pressure regulated. I also noticed that I did not have swollen ankles and carpal tunnel syndrome like I did during my first pregnancy, which was due to being dehydrated. I ordered my Kangen Water® machine in April of 2015 and I’ll tell you it’s the best investment I’ve ever made!



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